Title#74: *SOLD* EbidLocal Sale of Estate Treasures Tops $340,000.00 ~ Richmond VA 23219
HighlightsVA Treasury 2011 Unclaimed Property Sale of Remitted Estate Assets Includes: Fine Jewelry & Watches, Gold & Silver, Coins & Currency, & more!
EbidLocal Proven Marketing: Our trusted marketing programs successfully reach a national audience of knowledgeable collectors & aficionados, appraisers & experts, museums & dealers, ensuring every treasure achieves full fair market value.
EbidLocal Proven Results: Over $340,000.00 generated from 20,000+ bids placed on 1200+ items, from among 9000+ unique viewers who looked at the catalog over 375,000 times. Your treasures also deserve this kind of national visibility & activity!
COINS & CURRENCY: Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Mint/Proof Sets, US Coins & Currency, Foreign Coins & Currency, more...
FINE JEWELRY: Diamond, Precious Gems, Gold & Silver & Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Pocket & Wrist Watches, more...
OTHER: DVDs/CDs, Power Tools, Stamps, Sporting Goods, Electronics, Games & Stations, Computer Equip, Cameras, Phones, Stamps, Toys, more...
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To discuss marketing your treasures, call 804-358-0500
Notes JOIN OUR **BIDDER FRIENDLY** INTERNET AUCTION PROCESS. No more auction schedule conflicts! No standing around all day at an auction! No endless waiting on your desired items! Bid when you want, where you want, on what you want, as much as you want! BID on the INTERNET at your convenience!
PAYMENT: Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Cash and Checks with proper ID are accepted for this auction only. If paying by Credit Card You must have available balance on your credit card for your online purchases. At the conclusion of the auction, your invoice showing balance due will be send to the email address on file, please bring a copy to removal with you. Payments will be processed at pickup
BIDDING ERRORS: Increasing your own bids.... please be aware that many bidders routinely increase their own bid to price an item out of reach of other bidders. You should immediately review your bids before submitted. If you mistakenly increase your own bid, place your bidder number in the bid field, or make a gross error you must immediately contact our office by email using the contact sheet on our website (we must have your request in writing) you must remain the high bidder. If you bid on the wrong item we will not reverse your bid please make sure and review all bids before submitting. We will not reverse bids after the auction has begun to close no exceptions.
STAGGERED CLOSING: The online auction closes at multiple items per minute This feature will close the bidding on intervals. This feature works great with the auto-extend feature to closely emulate a 'live' auction.
DYNAMIC CLOSING: The closing time of an asset is automatically extended an additional 4 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 4 minutes of the asset's closing time.
PREVIEW LIVE ON-LOCATION: Attend our LIVE ON-SITE PREVIEW/INSPECTION where you have the opportunity to personally inspect all items, then bid on-line at your leisure in the comfort of your own home or office. (See PREVIEW info above)
FREE CATALOG: Click "Catalog" above (See CATEGORIES) for a printable listing of all items. Bring your printout with you during preview to make your personal inspection notes.
ITEM PHOTOGRAPHS: Click "ALL ITEMS" above (See CATAGORIES) to see a detailed list, including PHOTOS, of all items in the auction (clickable thumbnail photos for larger pics)

*** ATTENTION ALL BIDDERS *** Be sure and CHECK YOUR BIDS upon conclusion of the auction!! If you're a successful bidder, you should receive an email receipt from EbidLocal.com for your purchases (REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTERS TOO!!) If you do not receive an emailed receipt, contact us via email at: info@ebidlocal.com and we will provide a duplicate emailed receipt for pickup/removal purposes. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR EMAILED RECEIPT **WITH YOU** TO PICK UP PURCHASES. Thank you.

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