#1719: *SOLD* Million Dollar Music System Auction: 1324 Hybla Rd: N. Chesterfield VA 23236 (Appraise Sell LLC)- eBIDLOCAL.com

Auctions #1719: *SOLD* Million Dollar Music System Auction: 1324 Hybla Rd: N. Chesterfield VA 23236 (Appraise Sell LLC)

Type : Online

: Oct 26, 2023 08:00 AM

: Nov 21, 2023 09:01 AM

1324 Hybla Rd, N Chesterfield, VA 23236




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For Merchandise, Preview or Removal questions please text, call, or email Melissa 804-641-8104 - projmgr@ebidlocal.com
PREVIEW: Fri – 11/17/23 – 10am - 3pm – (address disclosed day before Preview)
ENDS: Tue – 11/21/23 - Beginning at 10am until… (In "ALL ITEMS" order at first lots & closing multi-lots/min thereafter
PICKUP: Thu – 11/30/23 – 9am - 5pm – (NO EXCEPTIONS - Shippers must also comply with this schedule) 
PICKUP IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: A signup link will be found on the emailed paid receipt to all winning bidders (no phone calls please). CLICK HERE for SHIPPERS LIST
Recommended Shippers: Rusty Griffin, at RG Logistics, 303-416-0227, rusty@rglships.com, https://www.rglships.com , OR  Chris Ward (formerly Mail Room), 804-399-1094, cward5549@gmail.com

The Ken Fritz Backstory!
Documentary Video:
One Man's Dream - and how it became a reality - by Ken Fritz,  to build the best stereo system (on the planet?), with no holds barred; 35,000 Watts, 24 Subwoofers, 7 Custom Built Speakers: 3-piece 9.5' Line Array & 4-piece 7.5' Tower Array, 1500-pound Turntable, 27 Years to Build! You've simply never seen (or heard) a music system this good!
The Speakers: "5,400 Hours of Fun, by Ken Fritz":
The Turntable: "A Turntable of My Own, by Ken Fritz":
This Amazing Audiophile Equipment Sale includes: a Large Quantity of Custom, Professionally Produced Items & High-end Inventory Incl; Turntables by Denon, Sota Millennia, Star Sapphire; Speakers Incl: Custom 9' & 7', Tannoy, JBL, 16 Subwoofers; Amplifiers Incl: Krell FPB 300, Crest Audio Pro, Krell FPB 600, Krell FPB 200; Crossovers Incl: Krell & Krell KBX;  APC Battery Backup,  DBX Drive Racks, Krell Preamplifiers, PS Audio Perfect Wave Power Conditioners, Sony Projector, Krell HTS Processor, Sony & Kenwood Receiver, Tivo Mini, Moving Coils, Tubes, Tweeters, Ampex Recorders, 100's Of Albums, 100's Of CD's, Vintage Ampex Manuals, Tripods, Electric Leather Recliners, Kitchen Aid Food Processor, Welbilt Bread Machine, Slow Cookers, Popcorn Popper, Gourmoa Convection Oven, Vintage Cast Iron Stove, and MUCH MORE!

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